A place for Your vacation

The camping site „Liepene” is located close to the Baltic sea, at about 15 km or 10-15 minutes drive distant from the popular tourism centre – the city of Ventspils. The name of the camping site is derived from the name of the village, where it stands, resp., the village of Liepene.

The camping site is active since 1992. Till today our camping site is being improved and maintained so that you can spend an unforgettable vacation!

The camping site „Liepene” is open throughout the year, it offers organization services of different kinds of arrangements: weddings, seminars, sports and sporting competitions, weight loss cures, summer camps, wanderings etc. Name your wishes and we will come to an agreement how to fulfill them!

We offer a facilitated territory located in a wonderful country park – embosomed in forest, where to pick mushrooms, and close to the beach, where to take long walks, gather pieces of amber, little stones, lay in the sun, bathe in the sea or just enjoy the beautiful untouched wild nature!


  • 7€ per person

  • 3€ kids from 6 years

  • 3€ car next to the tent

  • 3€ per pet

  • 5€ electricity

  • 24€ camper with electricity 2 persons

  • 7€ each next person

  • 3€ kids from 6 years

  • 3€ per pet

Holiday home "PIRTSMĀJA" (max 6 persons)
  • 80€ 2 persons

  • 10€ each next person

  • 5€ per pet

Holiday home "KAPTEIŅA MĀJA" (max 3 persons)
  • 80€ 2 persons

  • 90€ 3 persons

  • 5€ per pet

Low price room (7 rooms, max 23 persons)
  • 30€ 2 persons

  • 45€ 3 persons

  • 60€ 4 persons